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The Hank and Jim Show

Lifelong friends Hank Hayes and Jim Nazium operated several major pirate radio stations in the US beginning when they were teenagers in Brooklyn, NY.  They have 5 FCC raids under their belt, including the time FCC agents along with the US Coast Guard raided the American off-shore radio ship Sarah, home of Radio New York International.

Growing up in New York in the 1960s Hank and Jim were treated to some of the greatest rock and roll and top 40 radio stations.   Nowadays, they still bring their brand of zany, off the wall radio, including classic jingles, reverb, and of course great rock and roll from the 60s and 70s.

Hank and Jim are very honored to be a part of Offshore Music Radio!


Listen to Hank and Jim Show on Tuesday Nights at 9 pm On Offshore Music Radio

Also listen to Hank and Jim on Friday nights 8 pm EST

Web site Hank and Jim . Hank Hayes



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