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Rob Bayly
Rob Bayly

Caroline North off the Isle of Man was the station that hooked me on broadcasting and I owe her my career. Aged 11, inspired by the floating DJs,  I built a bedroom ‘studio’ from old valve Dansette record players  and Army surplus kit, recording embarrassing shows onto ¼” tape. 
While at university in the 70’s I broadcast for real on BBC Radio Manchester as producer of their weekly student programme. I also DJed live at the university discos, being ‘paid’ a bottle of Newcastle Brown a night - worth 18p at the time. Thursday discos were ‘heavy’, Fridays were ‘boppy’ and Saturdays we had great live acts like the Who, David Bowie and Pink Floyd. I loved 70’s rock and had even missed my ‘O’ level Maths to see the Doors and Jimi Hendrix at the Isle of Wight. (But did OK on the Maths re-sit)

The BBC trained me as a Studio Manager, specialising in sessions for shows like John Peel. I went into TV production, starting on Tomorrow’s World, and now direct documentaries including one recently called  ‘Hey Mr. DJ’, celebrating the offshore era.

I am married to Jan, who still has cassettes I made for her introducing my favourite tracks with personal messages! We have a young son, Matthew, who is a keen Liverpool football supporter and often pops in during my shows. Maybe he’ll be a DJ for the next generation.




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